About Us

Early Ink Press is an independent book press specializing in children’s literature.

Early Ink Press was built upon the belief that children’s literature is one of the most important and special genres of literature. Everyone remembers at least a few books they read as a kid. Books can shape and influence in an almost unbelievable way. Here at Early Ink Press, we truly believe in the power of a book and strive to produce the very best.

As an author, Early Ink Press founder Karisa Lowe understands first hand how hard it can be to break into the business. “Once I started researching the book industry and how to break in, I realized it’s an impossible circle to break into. Publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, only though agents. Agents don’t pick up a lot of new clients because they like their veteran authors they know can sell.” It makes no sense! If you really want to get ahead of the game, you would look at unknown authors to find a gem! So that’s what we hope to eventually do. Make the book business accessible for everyone! No agents, no middlemen, just books.


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